7 Oct

MPs suspended on misconduct allegations

The Liberal Party of Canada has expelled two MP’s from caucus amid sexual harassment allegations. And the accusations were made by two New Democrat MP’s.There have been no details released so far but Liberal leader Justin Trudeau described this as serious allegations of personal misconduct and he has expelled the MP’s because “their accusers deserve the benefit of the doubt”The two MP’s have been identified as 52-year old MP Massimo Pacetti from Montreal, who has been in parliament since 2002 and 39-year old Newfoundland MP Scott Andrews who was first elected in 2008. The two each deny the claims and the two cases are unrelated.Trudeau said Wednesday that he was approached by one of the MP’s who was affected by one of the men’s alleged behaviour. Afterwards, the Liberal leader said it’s time for parliament to adopt a procedure that will help victims come forward.Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau: “Look folks, it’s 2014. It’s time that this workplace, like other workplaces across the country, had a process whereby these issues can be aired and dealt with. It is extremely important that we make it very clear that as an institution we will protect and encourage people who come forward with serious allegations of this type.”Liberal whip Judy Foote has said that there is a procedure for handling workplace misconduct but there is no precedent for complaints between MP’s. Foote told the Commons Speaker she’s looking into the allegations. Trudeau has also asked the speaker to look into this matter.

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