19 Dec

New Brand South Africa logo approved

first_imgFriday, 06 November 2009: South Africa welcomes this week’s cabinet approval of a new international marketing logo for brand South Africa. This is a culmination of a comprehensive process of consultation between provinces, cities and national departments to align around one brand positioning and a single identity on the international stage. The purpose of  brand alignment  is to avoid brand dilution when various South African entities market themselves internationally utilising different logos .The intention is  rather to combine the marketing efforts in order to enhance South Africa’s global competitiveness with regard to tourism, trade and investment.Inspired by the South African flag but evolved into a “trade-markable” form the new logo is distinctive, dynamic and energetic and stands out within its competitive environment.This landmark decision builds on a renewed era in collaborative nation branding and is timed to take maximum advantage of the global focus on South Africa in the light of our hosting the FIFA 2010 World Cup.Initiated and driven by the International Marketing Council (Brand South Africa), the logo‘s development costs will be quickly offset by the combined impact of previously separate branding initiatives. The roll out  of the new logo will be facilitated by an easy to use , do-it-yourself manual and will be available for usage by anyone that markets South Africa internationally including tourism, sports, arts and culture, trade; etc. Stocks of existing marketing collateral have been carefully managed in order to ensure a smooth and cost effective transitionIt should be noted that the brand South Africa logo is not a replacement of the Government coat of arms but is purely for the purpose of Nation marketing initiatives.The marketing of the Nation brand of South Africa will be taken to new heights as we work together as team South Africa under one logo to welcome the world to join us in celebrating the FIFA 2010 World Cup.South Africa: New logo faqlast_img

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