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Hoodwink attempt

first_imgRe “Council members shy away from Prop. R mailer” (Oct. 25): No doubt, Proposition R is an intentional deceptive attempt by the City Council and the special-interest supporters. If the council is really determined to eliminate corruption and influence, the members could easily accomplish it by telling all the lobbyists and union leaders to take a hike. If the issue is indeed honesty and integrity at City Hall, the proposition should have addressed the lobbyist-restrictions issue without including extending council members’ terms. Clearly, by combining extended term limits with the “ethics” issue, the council is attempting to hoodwink the public and protect its own selfish interests. The outside proposition supporters only wish to protect their established influence-peddling investment. – Mort Arditti – Allison Caswell Northridge City’s culpability Re “A difficult decision” (Our Opinions, Oct. 24): Your editorial discussing the sentencing of George Weller omitted a significant fact – the culpability of the city of Santa Monica. The city permitted use of a public thoroughfare for purposes other than those the thoroughfare was designed for. Weller was driving on a city street that was never intended to be a shopping center with people walking around. If the city had simply used concrete barriers that are required in most other cases, including road repairs, Weller would simply have experienced front-end damage to his car rather than the deep psychological trauma of having caused the deaths of several people. Why is it that the city of Santa Monica is not held accountable as well? Shouldn’t the city’s failure to anticipate the inevitable be considered in meting out punishment? – Walter W. Tuthill Tarzana Sherman responds Re “Protecting us” (Your Opinions, Oct. 19): The Daily News the other day published a letter from a Granada Hills man who wrote to me 13 times in the last three years and received 13 responses. He said he recently sent another letter and after two weeks had not received a reply. As it happens, I have not yet received his 14th letter. Unfortunately, mail sent to the U.S. Capitol can take as long as three weeks to be delivered because of safety measures instituted in 2001 after letters containing anthrax bacteria were mailed to the Capitol. I urge those who wish to share their views with me to contact me in one of several more efficient ways. Those who use e-mail may write to [email protected] – but please include your hometown and ZIP code so I can do a better job of separating constituent correspondence from the thousands of e-mails from people outside California. I also may be contacted by fax at (202) 225-5879 or (818) 501-1554. – Rep. Brad Sherman Sherman Oaks Backing De Lear Sifting through the mounds of campaign propaganda sent to my home, I came across a copy of the Daily News’ headline story of June 17, 2006, when Congressman Howard Berman, in a house vote, was the only Southland Democrat to reject a timetable for troop withdrawal in the Iraq war. This campaign flier was sent to me by Bryon De Lear, the Green Party candidate for our congressional district. I decided then I would break ranks with Howard Berman, who I have supported for over 30 years, and back De Lear. Independent polls across the nation show the Iraq war is the overriding issue in our national elections. Would it not be quite a message if the independent voters of the 28th Congressional District said no to Berman and yes to the Green Party candidate, Byron De Lear? What a milestone for congressional campaigns and the Iraq war. – Jack McGrath Valley Village Sauce for the goose Re “Clinton-Gore team” (Your Opinions, Oct. 23): Bob Sharp, in his letter on Clinton and Al Gore being for Proposition 87, writes “… With these fellas for it, the right decision must be to vote against it.” I say, with Chevron being against it, the right decision is to vote yes. And talk about “deluge of TV ads from Clinton-Gore,” they’re minor compared to the ads from the “no” team. It seems that when Republicans “push their little red noses into California politics,” it’s OK, but not so when Democrats do it. – Stacy Strauss Los Angeles Changing slogans Today’s news tells us via the Bush administration’s chief smoke-blower, press secretary Tony Snowjob, that the president and his crew will no longer use the term “Stay the course!” May I suggest the following: “Ah, what’s up, Doc?” – Bugs Bunny. “I coulda been a contender.” – Marlon Brando. “We’ll head ’em off at the pass.” – Gene Autry. “Who needs reinforcements?” – Gen. George Armstrong Custer. “What, me worry?” – Alfred E. Neuman. And finally my favorite: “Today I will resign my presidency, effective immediately.” – Richard Milhous Nixon. – Chuck Heinold West Hills Flag-draped coffins Re “Bush and funerals” (Your Opinions, Oct. 25): Unlike Britt Temme, I am upset that our troops are being killed in Iraq with this senseless war. I am upset that 90-plus servicemen have been killed this month alone and not once has President Bush mentioned them. I am upset that we spend $3 billion a month on this war. I am upset that 9,000 of California’s National Guard are in Iraq. I don’t know a single person who wishes to “turn these funerals into media circuses.” How about at least letting American see the flag-draped coffins of these young men and women, which this administration has ruled would be against national security? – Suzanne Lewis Valley Village Off the fence I was on the fence after reading and hearing all of the conflicting information regarding Proposition 87. Both sides have inundated television and the mail. Then I saw President Clinton’s ad to vote yes. He made up my mind. I will vote no. Knowing how our ex-president lied about everything, I realized that he must be lying about the advantages in voting for Proposition 87. – Stewart Cowen Reseda Permanent war Before 1983, there were no terrorist attacks against the United States or any American facilities anywhere in the world. In 1983, Ronald Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon and over 240 of them were killed in a suicide bombing. Reagan brought our troops home and there were no attacks until the first Gulf War. After the war, we established a permanent military base in Saudi Arabia and the terrorists declared permanent war on us. – Henry Wilson Los Angeles Such an honor Re Patrick O’Connor cartoon (View From the Valley, Oct. 24): Hurray for Patrick O’Connor. He just won the “Cartoon of the Year” award for his Oct. 24 cartoon. Exxon has awarded him free gas for one year. And Bill Clinton will clean his windshield whenever he fills up. – Earl D. Horwitz North Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESurfer attacked by shark near Channel Islands calls rescue a ‘Christmas miracle’Los Angeles How could they … Re “No choice: Guilty” (Oct. 21): Why was an 89-year-old man allowed behind the wheel to begin with? He probably couldn’t see where he was going and didn’t know what he was doing when he drove through the farmers market. How can the jury convict this man? He’s unlikely to survive a sentence. The aged assassin needs to be in some sort of arrangement where he is monitored and not allowed to drive so he won’t make this kind of joyride again. last_img

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