13 Jan

Argentine experts to help restore Guyana’s deteriorating art

first_imgTwo internationally recognised Argentine experts in conservation and restoration of works of art are set to visit Guyana between September 2 and 9, as the Education Ministry collaborates with the Embassy of Argentina to restore and conserve paintings in Guyana’s national collection of art housed at the National Gallery ofA section of the gallery at Castellani HouseArt, Castellani House, Georgetown.Executed by the “TALLER TAREA” of the Cultural Heritage Research Institute (TAREA-IIPC) at the National University of San Martín (UNSAM) in Argentina, this project will be piloted by collaborations between the National Art Gallery of Guyana and the experts of TAREA-IIPC UNSAM.This visit, financed by the Fund for South-South Cooperation administered by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Argentina, is an exploratory mission during which the Argentine team will be conducting a first assessment of the damaged works of art after which a proposal will be put in place on the way forward to implement the project.This project follows discoveries made by the Castellani House in 2014, when a number of its prized pieces had deteriorated and consequently been endangered. As such, it was considered necessary to restore the affected works.Two years later, Argentine Ambassador and Curator (ag) of the National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, Ohene Koama, agreed that the best way forward would be to submit a proposal to the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Argentina to advance with a project to be implemented in stages, which materialised when the Ambassador delivered the request to the Argentine Government, which then confirmed the availability of a team of the UNSAM to implement the project.During their time in Guyana, the foreign experts will examine the compromised pieces, subsequent to which conditions assessment for restoration will be conducted; identifying the material and techniques needed in order to conserve the works of art.This project will benefit the visual arts community in Guyana, contributing extensively to the visibility of art by generating more interest in local artists from both locals and tourists.In addition, the project is expected to impact the lives of those (both present and deceased) artists and their families, whose works will be restored.This implementation presents the possibility of signing a bilateral cooperation agreement to increase student and teacher mobility between UNSAM and institutions of art training in Guyana, which would not only promote the internationalisation of higher education and training between the countries but serve as a catalyst to strengthen ties between Guyana and Argentina.last_img

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