26 Sep

Burundi soldier detonates bomb killing two

first_imgPicture of protests in Burundi, courtesyA Burundi soldier killed himself and two citizens after detonating a hand grenade in a crowd in Ngozi town in northern Burundi.He unpinned one of the two grenades, but it exploded in his hands and killed him on the spot, as well as the motorbike taxi driver carrying him, while five others were injured,” said the administrator of the town, Radjabu Songambere who spoke to AFP.The soldier from the Ngozi camp was carrying two hand grenades that he wanted to hurl into the crowd fortunately only one exploded in his hands. The other was neutralized by the police in a secure location.“Everything indicates that the soldier wanted to carry out an attack,” Songambere said, adding it was not clear what his motive was.Ngozi region is some 130 kilometres (80 miles) north of the capital Bujumbura, and has been largely unscathered by the violence in the country. For over a year (since April 2015) violence has rocked the East African nation due to the President’s move to extend his rule.last_img

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